Hire Agreement terms and conditions

1. General

  1. Definitions
    These terms & conditions are for the contract of hire of items and accessories (“Items”), and the parties to the Contract are:
    1. The “Hirer” and, where the Hirer is not an individual acting in person, the “Signatory”.
  1. Extent of Contract and Cancellation. The Contract is not assignable and is effective when the hirer signs the contract &/or Flower Bank of Hornby accepts the Hirer’s detailed order. Flower Bank of Hornby reserves the right to charge for cancellation.
  2. Ownership of Items hired remains the property of Flower Bank of Hornby at all times.       The Hirer will be advised prior to Contract commencement if any specific conditions apply.

2. Hire Charges

  1. Basis of charging the stated hire charges are for the duration of the Contract the period of three days unless otherwise stated. The items are to be returned to Flower Bank of Hornby by end of trading on the third day, unless collection has been agreed.
  2. Delivery and collections where available are chargeable, delivery and collection must be agreed by both parties and at time when hire agreement arrangements & contract are made, all other conditions are still applicable.
  3. The Hirer will pay all monies as requested, prior to the collection/delivery of hire items.

3. Charges for items not returned, damaged or broken

  1. Charges are set by Flower Bank of Hornby and will only be charged when hired items are:
    1. Not returned.
    2. Not returned on the day and date agreed by 5.30pm.
    3. Not available for collection as stated in the contract at location and/or time agreed &/or stated on the contract.
    4. Damaged or broken.
  2. Deposit balances are refunded upon return to Flower Bank of Hornby of items in good condition.   Balances of deposits paid will be refunded in full upon delivery of hired items if no charges are to be taken. If charges are to be taken, or Flower Bank of Hornby collects items (out of the terms of the agreement), remaining or full deposit as necessary will be issued within seven business days.
  3. Where no deposit is held, but a charge is applicable Flower Bank of Hornby will explain/contact the hirer and state amount and full reasons for charge as necessary, where the hirer will pay the charge as set out in the ‘hire agreement and contact’
  4. If the deposit taken is not the full replacement/retail value of the item, and a charge must be made due to reasons listed in 3.1, it is understood that the charge made will be that of the full replacement/retail value of the item as shown on the hire agreement and contract.
  5. If the hirer does not return the items as agreed and Flower Bank of Hornby collects them from the venue without prior agreement a delivery and collection charge can be made. Charges for damaged or broken items still apply as necessary. A replacement charge for undamaged items collected will not be made when all items are collected in good condition.

4. Hirer’s Responsibilities

  1. Receipt of Items – The Hirer will sign to acknowledge receipt at delivery/handover, any shortages or defects must be agreed and noted on the Contract/delivery document.
  2. Delivery/collection of Items – the Hirer will provide necessary delivery and collection access, as agreed on the contract. Items transported in the Hirer’s own vehicle is at the Hirer’s risk.
  3. Security of Items – the Hirer accepts full responsibility for item’s security until its collection by or returned to Flower Bank of Hornby and undertakes not to sell or relinquish possession, alter, repair or modify them in any way. The venue/s (the place/s where hired items are used) takes no responsibility under this hire agreement. All items hired are your responsibility. If items are lost/damaged by venue staff, it is your responsibility to address this as any items lost/damaged by other parties will result in a loss of deposit for these items.
  4. Return or collection of Items – when items have been returned or collected, Flower Bank of Hornby will fill in the return portion of the contract, the Hirer will remain liable for the hired item until such time.
  5. Lost or stolen Items – the Hirer agrees to be charged for the full retail/replacement value for any lost or stolen items. This liability is without prejudice to any Flower Bank of Hornby rights under the Contract. Replacement items purchased with Hirer’s proceeds is the Flower Bank of Hornby’s disgression.

5. Flower Bank of Hornby Responsibilities

  1. Hire rates – Flower Bank of Hornby will maintain the agreed hire rates for the duration of the Contract.

Delivery and collection – Flower Bank of Hornby will deliver and collect items as agreed in the contract.