Charity Bouquet

Our Maids bouquet was designed to remember our first commission from the community. In December 2020 we opened our doors in Kirkby Lonsdale. The same week the Town remembered 5 local lasses who tragically lost their lives 200 years ago in a terrible fire.

We provided 5 simple single rose 1 for each Maid. The flowers were laid at the striking stone obelisk, which was dedicated to the maids. Read more about the ceremony here:

Our Maids bouquet is the perfect reminder of those first special flowers we provided for the community and also a perfect way in which to raise money for charities important in this caring community.

All profits from the sale of every Maids bouquet will go to our chosen charity of the year.

This year our chosen charity is CRMI Children of Hope. A local RMI is a small Christian charity based in the North West of England and has been a UK registered charity since 2008. Read more here

The Maids is a fitting bouquet to highlight the importance of girls’ education in places where they do not receive the same opportunities as boys. The tragedy of the 5 Maids losing their lives at such tender ages, reminds us that it so very important to ensure all young people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

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